Local AI Management, Verification, & Inferencing.

Experiment with AI offline, in private. No GPU required! - A native app made to simplify the whole process.

Free and open-source.

Starting an inference session with the WizardLM 7B model in 2 clicks.
Power any AI app, offline or online. Here in tandem with window.ai.

Powerful Native App

With a Rust backend, local.ai is memory efficient and compact. (<10MB on Mac M2, Windows, and Linux .deb)

Available features:

  • CPU Inferencing
  • Adapts to available threads
  • GGML quantization q4, 5.1, 8, f16

Upcoming features:

  • GPU Inferencing
  • Parallel session
Model downloader

Model Management

Keep track of your AI models in one centralized location. Pick any directory!

Available features:

  • Resumable, concurrent downloader
  • Usage-based sorting
  • Directory agnostic

Upcoming features:

  • Nested directory
  • Custom Sorting and Searching
Digest VerificationKnown Model

Digest Verification

Ensure the integrity of downloaded models with a robust BLAKE3 and SHA256 digest compute feature.

Available features:

  • Digest compute
  • Known-good model API
  • License and Usage chips
  • BLAKE3 quick check
  • Model info card

Upcoming features:

  • Model Explorer
  • Model Search
  • Model Recommendation
ConversationNote taking

Inferencing Server

Start a local streaming server for AI inferencing in 2 clicks: Load model, then start server.

Available features:

  • Streaming server
  • Quick inference UI
  • Writes to .mdx
  • Inference params
  • Remote vocabulary

Upcoming features:

  • Server Managet
  • /audio
  • /image
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